Asexuality cannot be reduced to one single definite definition and is rather a fluid spectrum. Each and every person who identifies as asexual is different and comes with their own unique experiences. They would differ in terms of their relationships, attraction and arousal. Thus, the asexual spectrum is as big as the number of Aces in the world! This sections brings to you the narratives of Aces from different parts of India, who have shared their experiences of being Ace, the process of self-identifying as one, as well as their understanding of this identity. This page attempts to highlight the diversity within the asexual community as well as the inherent inclusiveness of asexuality itself.


My Being Asexual And A Moment Of Clarity

“One might ask then, what does this mean? If asexuality is a sexual orientation, haven’t we agreed that sexual orientations cannot be changed? Yes, that’s true and that’s where asexuality …