1. This is an awareness site for all Indian asexuals out there and registered members usually identify themselves as aces.
  2. Though the site is primarily for asexuals, we also encourage allies of the ace community to enroll with this site and be supportive.
  3. If an account is found to be fake or trolling users, it will be deleted by the admin.
  4. Using abusive speech, hateful comments, insults, racial slurs, offensive language and overly sexually explicit content will result in a ban or removal of user from the site.
  5. Be mindful when posting on forums regarding topics. Anything offensive will be removed.
  6. Posting personal information about another user publically is a serious offense. Be sensible while giving out your information on private messages.
  7. If members have concerns regarding the content on this site, kindly notify the admin or moderators and action will be taken accordingly.



By becoming a member of this site, the user agrees to out terms of service. Though it is difficult to review and tracked logged content on this site, the administrators and the moderators of the site may attempt to remove objectionable content or material posted anywhere on the site. The users hereby agree that content in the forums can be edited, moved and deleted if it seems unfit.


The user agrees to maintain a healthy discussion and stay away from posting hateful, obscene, racist, threatening and abusive material anywhere on the site. Doing so will lead to a ban or suspension of the account.

Please do not make judgments on other users. Be aware that everyone is here to figure out what they are for themselves. Do not question the validity of someone’s asexuality. This is a wide spectrum and many fall on a very grey area.

Do not ask for money for fund raising purposes via private messaging system. The site is not responsible for users involved in this. Any direct donations or fundraising with regard to asexuality awareness or research programmes will require admin’s permission so that it can be notified legally on the forum.

Sexually explicit materials and pictures are not allowed anywhere on the forums. Many users find such materials offensive. Users are requested to be very considerate before posting.


Users are strictly advised to maintain a single account and not create multiple accounts unless it is for valid reasons. Troll accounts will be identified and banned immediately. If an account user is found to be passing derogatory comments, stalking, insulting or misbehaving in general, this will lead to permanent ban of users IP address.

Asexuality India has zero tolerance towards spamming and using hidden IP addresses to mask identity.


If a user or member has complaints against other users on the site, we urge you to notify the moderators or the admin immediately so that necessary action can be taken.


If anyone wants to make a survey or research regarding asexuality and require participation of Asexuality India members, kindly get in touch with the site management team and we will be able to help you with your needs.

If you would like to delete your account if you feel you are no longer a part of this group, please contact the admin.