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Lonely in a crowd, technology to the rescue

Asexuality. This word has complex meanings, open to interpretation. But to avoid that discussion, the asexuality described here is when a human is not attracted enough to anyone sexually — …

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“Asexual” Was Just Added To The Dictionary

“Asexual” is the latest to be updated to reflect the spectrum of sexual identities: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has updated its definition to include “[people] not having or showing a particular …


Let’s talk about sex

My relationships were almost never driven by sexual attraction and this often left me confused about who I was, or rather who I am. Exploring the asexual spectrum got me …

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New Dating App for Asexuals

ACEapp, a first-of-its-kind smartphone application dedicated to people who experience little to no sexual attraction Check link here if you can’t view page: